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2 years 霵ce erhan taraf覺ndan yaz覺ld覺!
Buxle – Gets you into the role of a savior
Buxle is an online game for zombies and playing this game you get into the role of a savior who would save 300 people from being prey of the Zombies. In this game, the people lives inside a cave and your effort would be to put away the zombies from entering into this cave. buxle is a free game. While playing the game of Buxle, you have to use several weapons and you can choose the weapons as needed with the keys of 1, 2, 3, and 4. To move towards left or right, you have to accordingly click the mouse, drag and run. The Buxle game would heal you from time to time and you have to use the space bar of the keyboard to avail the medicine that w...
2 years 霵ce erhan taraf覺ndan yaz覺ld覺!
Electric man 2 hacked – Actions fighting and excitements
Electric man 2 hackedgame come as a much-awaited relief from the flatness of the flash games. This is an action-packed online game, where you can get into series of action sequences. Electric man 2 hackedfeatures stunning graphics that makes the ambiance almost a reality. Electric man 2 hackedgames would require to get into full fledged fighting with your opponent. You get the options to punch the opponent with the A & Q keys. You would have to use either the W or the S key to kick your opponent. You can even use the arrow keys if you have to run off. You get to play the electric man 2 hacked for free game. ...
2 years 霵ce erhan taraf覺ndan yaz覺ld覺!
Attack On Titan Game Online – Brings out the titan lying within you
If you feel that you have a titan in you, the attack on titan game online is the appropriate online game to pamper your aspirations. This game would throw you in an ambiance of fighting and you have to break through the quadroon formed by your opponents. Attack on titan game online can be played without having to pay. In the free game theme of attack on titan game online, you would have to kill those people who would be moving around and the arrow keys on the key board would help you to change your direction. The hand movement of the titan would be controlled by the right clicks of the computer mouse. You have to kill all the enemies withi...
2 years 霵ce erhan taraf覺ndan yaz覺ld覺!
Scrabble Sprint – Online game to nurture your vocabulary
is an online game of word puzzle that is easy to play and offers you tremendous help to develop youre your skills on vocabulary. You can play the scrabble sprint game absolutely for free and it is sure that you would enjoy it. Once you start the scrabble sprint gaming session, you would be served with a list of words and subsequently you need to make new words within the span of the countdown timer that would be pre-set. You have to use the left click options to select the letters and the arrow keys to shuffle the positions of the letters to get the new words. You win the free game of scrabble sprint if you can complete the assignment w...
2 years 霵ce erhan taraf覺ndan yaz覺ld覺!
2d Driving Simulator – The easiest game of car racing
There is no dearth in the numbers of admirers on the racing games and probably it is the game of 2d driving simulator which is the most popular among the several others. 2d driving simulator is a simple game of car racing where you have to cross several stages to win the game. As usual with any racing game genres, series of barriers would come in the course of the 2d driving simulator game and the key to surpass these barriers would lie upon the control of the wheel. The wheel can be controlled with mouse clicks and you can move the car right, left u and down using the keys on the keyboards. You can play the 2d driving simulator for free g...
2 years 霵ce erhan taraf覺ndan yaz覺ld覺!
Dj Cows – Online spelling-pattern games
Dj cows is a candid online game that enables you to enjoy with juggling of words and letter. You would be needed to pick the first and the last letter of a word and Dj Cows would search out the words that would start ad end with the letters you had chosen. You would be getting a box having the English alphabets as the options and you have to choose two out of it as the first and the last letters in a word. Dj Cows would offer you a certain pattern on spelling that you have to choose. Once you are through with these steps, dj cows would produce the list that would have the words having the letters you chose. You can even rotate the words in...
2 years 霵ce erhan taraf覺ndan yaz覺ld覺!
G2g games – Gaming with words
G2g games are such a wonderful gaming option that helps you to add more content to your vocabulary while you enjoy a session of free game entertainment. You would require matching the words from the options that the G2g games would serve to you. Once you start playing the G2g games, you would be getting some words displayed and there would be a list of synonyms that you would have to match with the terms in the box at the right hand display. You would get a certain span as countdown timing within which you need to complete the task. G2g games can be played simply with left-clicking the mouse....
2 years 霵ce erhan taraf覺ndan yaz覺ld覺!
Click Marathon – Games on marathon series of clicks
  Click marathon is the easiest yet funniest of the games that you would get online. You would simply need to visit the site and give a start to the gaming session clicking the button marked as start game. Getting into the gaming session of click marathon game, you would have to go on clicking, the maximum you can with the time format on which the game had been set. Once you complete the first round of the click marathon game, you get redirected to the next level by default and this goes one for subsequent rounds henceforth. The more you click, that you can do either using the left click option of the mouse or the space bar, ...
2 years 霵ce erhan taraf覺ndan yaz覺ld覺!
Tiny Tanks – a session of action pack gaming
Tiny tanks game is an online action gaming that you can play free of cost. This free game can be played by up to 8 players at a go. In course of the tiny tanks game, the players get into a fighting session between them, where they use pen and pencils as their weapons. Players go on collating points as they kill their enemies. In the tiny tanks game, the players have to fire bullets on their foes that they can do using the space bar. To move toward the right or the left, they would require using the right and left keys accordingly. The upward movement can be controlled with the up-key. Players go one raising their tiny tanks level as ...
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